1,460 Days and Counting: Finding the Right College for Your Child with Special Needs:

November 5, 2014: FREE


  • What is it? A webinar to help families of children with special needs tackle getting into
  • college.
  • When is it? Wednesday, November 5, from 7-8 PM EST.
  • Where is it? Online (details to follow once you register).
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What's this Webinar about?

You've worked hard to support your child with special needs, and now it's time to think about college. What happens now?

How do you prepare your child to be successful in college?

How will you find the best fit colleges for your child, based not just on their needs, but also on their strengths and interests?

How will you ensure your child gets the services they need once they get there?

This is all coming faster than you think: if your child is a freshman, you only have 1,460 days--or less--until their first day of college.

Where do you start?

In our free 1-hour webinar, 1,460 Days and Counting: Finding the Right College for Your Child with Special Needs, BTA Education's advocates and college consultants will share their expertise to answer these questions and more. We'll cover

  • The differences between special education in high school and supports and services in college
  • Standard accommodations all schools are required to provide
  • Specialized programs offered by some schools (and how to find them)
  • How to ensure your student has access to the supports they need.

In addition, we'll go over the college application process and financial aid options available to you.

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